Four Seasons of Nikko      Guide you to Nikko

  I tell you myself and Nikko.
  I work at hotel in Chuzenji area,
  living city of Nikko.commute every
  day to Chuzenji area through

  About Hotel that I work at
  HOTEL SHIKISAI started 11
  years ago, and renewaled
  lastyear. located near the lake
  in the woods.

  Hotel Shikisai located 5 minutes
  distance from Lake-Cyuzenji.
  Msot beautifl lake in Japan,
  many falls are there before
  and after of this lake.

 Shrines and Temples of Nikko
 were nominated as World
 Heritage (4 December 1999)

 Brief Description
 The shrines and temples of Nikko, together
 with their natural surroundings, have for
 centuries been a sacred site known for its
 architectural and decorative masterpieces.

 They are closely associated with the history
 of the Tokugawa Shoguns.

 Justification for Inscription Criterion (i)
 The Nikko shrines and temples are a  reflection of architectural and artistic  genius;  this aspect is reinforced by the  harmonious integration of the buildings in
 a forest and a natural site laid out by man.
 Criterion (iv)

 Nikko is a perfect illustration of the  architectural style of the Edo period
 as applied to Shinto shrines and Buddhist

 The Gongen-zukuri style of the two  mausoleums, the Toshogu and the Taiyu-in  Reibyo, reached the peak of its expression
 in Nikko, and was later to exert a decisive  influence.

 The ingenuity and creativity of its architects  and decorators are revealed in an
 outstanding and distinguished manner.

 Criterion (vi)
 The Nikko shrines and temples, together
 with their environment,are an outstanding  example  of a traditional Japanese religious  centre, associated with the Shinto  perception of the relationship of man with  nature, in which mountains and forests have  a sacred meaning and are pobjects of  veneration, in a religious practice
 that is still very much alive today.

 Ramsar Oku-Nikko-shitsugen.
 Tochigi National Park.
 ( 8 November 2005 )

 The site is composed of Senjogahara,  Odashirogahara and Yunoko at 1400m asl.
 in altitude surrounded by mountains.

 Senjogahara is one of the largest high moors  in Honshu Island with more than 100 species  of swamp plants like cotton grass and  Japanese azalea.

 The vegetation of Odashigahara shows  characteristics of moor and grassland  succession;

 Potential threats to Senjogahara are  sediment inflow, reduction of inflow,  constructions of facilities disconnecting  inflow from upstream, Conservation  measures regularly conducted by local
 organixations are nature walks, control of
 alien species, control foraging by deer, and
 capacity building training for youth.

 Ramsar site no. 1553. whereas Yunoko is a  freshwater lake with hot springs in the same  watershed, almost in pristine condition and  an attractive tourist spot.

 The area is an important breeding site for  summer birds, mostly Latham's Snipe  Gallinago hardwickii and Stonechat Saxicola  torquata.

 During winter, the site is visited by many  migratory waterfowls including Mallard,  Wigeon, Tufted Duck and Smew.

 Colour change of decidous trees in autumn,  traditionally called 'Koyo', is cherished by
 the Japanese for its landscape beauty.

  Take easy and rest at hotel in the woods of
  white birch and Japanese oak, next of
  Lake-Chyuzenji,  and side of generous

 This is area that you can see family
 of dears at garden front   of your room,
 or front of open-air bath quite often.
 Wild life of this Nikko Area are reserved
 as regulation of Nikko National Park,
 and development and out-door publicity are

 History behind of Chuzenji Area
 Not only see the great site of Nature and
 man-made structure, but also look back history
 of man who gave great spirit and dream to
 Chuzenji and even for Japan!.

One man started The U.K style fly-fishing here in this lake, as he stock a lake with trout.
This is first time for fly-fishing in Japan.

Chuzenji-Lake is considered as a "sacred ground" of fly-fishing in Japan,
because of this matter.
His name is Thomas B. Glover (1838 - 1911).
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      if you have any question
      about Nikko area.
      I can help for you.